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Review & Blog Tour: Arctic Sun (Frozen Hearts #1) by Annabeth Albert (Excerpt+Giveaway)

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Arctic Sun by Annabeth Albert

Series: Frozen Hearts, #1
Publisher: Carina Press (Harlequin)
Release Date (Print & Ebook): 
eBook: Monday, April 1, 2019
Print (mmp): Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Length (Print & Ebook):
eBook: approx. 95,000 words
Print: 384 pages

Subgenre: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance, Male/Male Romance

Warnings: Publisher’s Note: Arctic Sun deals with topics some readers may find difficult, including sobriety and eating disorders.

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Book synopsis:

Everything’s bigger in Alaska, especially the HEAs. Annabeth Albert kicks off the brand-new Frozen Hearts series with Arctic Sun, an opposites-attract romance between a rugged outdoorsman and a smoking hot former male model.

He’s built a quiet life for himself in Alaska. But it doesn’t stand a chance against the unrelenting pull of a man who’s everything he shouldn’t want.

Ex-military mountain man Griffin Barrett likes his solitude. It keeps him from falling back into old habits. Bad habits. He’s fought too hard for his sobriety to lose control now. However, his gig as a wildlife guide presents a new kind of temptation in superhot supermodel River Vale. Nothing the Alaskan wilderness has to offer has ever called to Griffin so badly. And that can only lead to trouble…

River has his own methods for coping. Chasing adventure means always moving forward. Nobody’s ever made him want to stand still—until Griffin. The rugged bush pilot is the very best kind of distraction, but the emotions he stirs up in River feel anything but casual, and he’s in no position to stay put.

With temptation lurking in close quarters, keeping even a shred of distance is a challenge neither’s willing to meet. And the closer Griffin gets to River, the easier it is to ignore every last reason he should run.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

Publisher’s Note: Arctic Sun deals with topics some readers may find difficult, including sobriety and eating disorders.

This book is approximately 95,000 words

Griffin gave what he hoped passed for a smile. “Someone else’s turn?”

“I’ll go.” River offered another of those supernova smiles. “I’ve ridden an elephant, I once had to wear a live cactus on my head, I’ve got six piercings, and I love my unicorn tattoo.”

“No way on the tattoo,” Griffin growled, forgetting to let one of the customers go first. “Pretty sure that’s not allowed in modeling, right?”

“I’m a rebel.” River waggled his eyebrows at him. Judging by their shade, his natural hair color was brown, a bit lighter than Griffin’s own hair, in keeping with River’s pale coloring.

“Live cactus?” Dan snorted. “That sounds painful.” “It was.” River gave another of those musical laughs. “Then it must be the piercings. I remember the elephant riding from your book.” Melanie beamed at River like a kid expecting a good grade.

“Yup. Only got four.” River looked right at Griffin as he delivered this bit of news. Griffin tightened his jaw. Now he was going to wonder about the location of those piercings and that tattoo all night, and he had a feeling that might have been River’s goal. His ears were the obvious choice for two piercings, but where else? Nipples? Tongue? He did not need to let his thoughts wander down this path.

5 Stars

As excited as I was to read this, I was equally hesitant. I have read only one other book by Annabeth and while I loved it, I was unsure how well I would take to a story that dealt with this topic. I have had friends who’ve dealt with eating disorders (though nowhere near as bad as River’s) and had a lot of body image problems, so it wasn’t easy to be in his mind at times. As for the alcoholism aspect, I have several family members that go through this struggle as well. But I did feel as if Annabeth did a really good job of taking us through these two men’s experiences and struggles in a way that didn’t glorify either one.

Griffin Barrett was a man encased in ice, struggling to keep routines in place. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I was going to like him very much, but as we got to the heart of the story, and the troubles he had when trying to keep his sobriety and learning to love and live again, that made him one of the strongest characters (along with River) that I have encountered, and I grew to love him.

River Vale. I thought he was gonna be a prissy character but he was anything but prissy (though he could be when he wanted). He was strong and unsure and it made his falling for Griffin so much sweeter as they both opened up about what they were going through, and as each learned how to give what the other needed, as well as learning what they needed as individuals.

I loved the different places the tour group went to. I myself have never really thought about going to Alaska, but I have to admit that the places and descriptions of have given me ideas (that I cannot afford, lol) and the travel itch as well.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***
4 stars

Arctic Sun is the first book in a new series called Frozen Hearts by Annabeth Albert. It follows ex-military guy Griffin Barrett who is in recovery and is currently doing wildlife guide gigs for his family’s company in Alaska, and ex-model River Vale who is also battling recovery from his own illness, and who decides to take part in an Alaskan wildlife expedition for his next book. They make friends and find something special in each other. Apart they are totally different but together they seem to balance each other out. Can they be together and stay in their own recoveries?

River had two sides. The side where he is calm, confident and very much himself and the side he shows to his "friends" and colleagues. I, of course, prefer his first side the most. He shows he is more than an empty-headed model, as they are sometimes portrayed in the media. He comes off as strong and independent, all while being fashionable and cute. He shows that there is life after an eating disorder and how it is a lifelong battle even once recovered. He also shows that despite common perception, males can develop eating disorders. Griffin is an ex-military mountain man who prefers being alone. He is also fighting alcohol addiction. Even though he is huge and masculine he shows that he is vulnerable and caring and all around sweet. Once he got over his fear of falling for River, anyways.

I really liked this book and all the characters. The story was paced well and had a really great ending. I did not really like how River flipped out even though Griffin was simply trying to help and even though I know recovery plays a big role in this story he still didn’t have a right to act like he did while Griffin was in a big city where he hadn't been before, pretty much alone. And, I also really disliked his friends. I cannot wait for the next book

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

Author Bio:

Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer. Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite LGBTQ romance series include the #OutOfUniform, #Gaymers, #PortlandHeat, #RainbowCove and #PerfectHarmony series.

To find out what she’s working on next and other fun extras, check out her website: or connect with Annabeth on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify! Also, be sure to sign up for her newsletter for free ficlets, bonus reads, and contests. The fan group, Annabeth’s Angels, on Facebook is also a great place for bonus content and exclusive contests.

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