Friday, June 12, 2015

ARC Review: Cheeky Hipsters & Jocks by Posy Roberts

ARC Review: Cheeky Hipsters & Jocks by Posy Roberts


Jack has a secret hidden in his pants, and Eli thinks he knows what it is.

Jack Cox has a secret he’s kept hidden for years until a fellow hockey player discovers a scrap of silk and lace hiding in his pocket. Elijah Mitten notices how anxious Jack is as the hot-pink fabric makes its way around the locker room, and when Jack throws it in the trash like it means nothing, Elijah guesses what’s beneath his stoic façade and possibly his pants.

When Elijah shows up on Jack’s doorstep looking for answers, Jack won’t admit anything. But when Elijah takes matters into his own hands, Jack has to make a decision: share his secret and risk losing hockey or keep it hidden forever.

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Tracy's Review:

5 Sexy Stars!! 

*copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

This story was short, smoking HOT, yet sweet too, and I loved it!!

Jack has a secret, well, more than one. He wears Panties, or Manties. He has also been lusting after Eli for years. Eli is the Captain of his Adult Hockey team he plays on for fun. Eli is straight or at least that's what Jack assumes! 

This was a quick and majorly sexy read. I think my phone may have been smoking! This was definitely Erotica at its best, because, yes it was sexy, but it had a plot. There was a story there and Posy wove a sweet, sexy and hot one. 

The characters had a great chemistry and the book flowed well. Would I have loved more? Yes, but more wasn't needed. This story is awesome just as it is. It had a  clear beginning, middle and end! 

If you want a quick sexy read. I highly recommend it! 

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