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Release Day Blitz: C&A Novella by M. Sembera

C&A Novella Release day

He was all the things she really wanted and never bothered to look for in a man. He was also the most stubborn jackass she had ever met.

She was an infuriating pain in the ass, and he'd be damned straight to hell if he had to spend even one day without her by his side.

Charlotte and Auggie never thought they would fall in love, and certainly not with each other. Looking beyond themselves to see the worth in each other, they found a love that is worth holding onto. But for two stubborn strong willed people like C&A, falling in love is only half the battle. And their road to matrimony is an uphill fight that will test them all the way to the altar.


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Charlotte walked into Auggie's bedroom wearing the Dog House t-shirt he gave her almost a year ago and a pair of his plaid pajama bottoms.
  "Oh, what the hell?" He griped, shaking his head at her.
  Focusing on the drawstring hanging down the front of her legs, like the bow on top of a gift just waiting to be unwrapped, he barked, "Are to trying to give me a damn stroke?"
  "I was trying to make it easier on you." She fussed back, irritated but clearly confused.
  "Wearing somethin' of mine sure as hell isn't the way to do it."
There was no response from her this time as she stood there staring at him.
Whatever painful side effects waiting until their wedding day had caused, almost seemed pleasant at the moment. He was in agony. This wasn't a battle of wills because he had no willpower when it came to her. You can't give a man a taste of heaven and expect him to be satisfied walking the earth.
Lack of willpower aside, he wasn't willing to go one more minute playing along with her ridiculous mandate.
  Pulling her against him so she could feel the proof of his words, Auggie swore, "I need you..."
  He watched her pull her lips into her mouth before insisting, "You want sex."
  "Ya damn right, I do." He exclaimed, without realizing how harsh he sounded, until Charlotte started to pull away.
  "Wait." He pleaded before sharing, "It's more than that."
In her eyes he saw her resistance, although she allowed him to keep his arms wrapped tightly around her.
  Out of desperation, he shared, "Everything is empty without you. My bed, this house, me... I need you."

Author Info:
M. Sembera was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now lives in Brazoria, Texas with her husband, three kids, three dogs and two cats. After writing her first short story when she was in high school, M. instantly fell in love with writing. However, life sometimes gets in the way of aspirations and it wasn't until years later, when her life calmed down, M. was able to start writing again.
'For me, each new book I write or character I create feels like the first time and I find myself falling in love with writing all over again'

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