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Book Tour: His Vow (Ghosts of New Orleans I) by Alexandra O'Hurley (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Book Tour: His Vow (Ghosts of New Orleans I) by Alexandra O'Hurley (Guest Post + Giveaway) 

His Vow (Ghosts of New Orleans, 1) 
by Alexandra O'Hurley
Genre: IR/MC Paranormal Historical Contemporary Erotic Romance with Horror Elements

I’ll return for you. I vow it.
When Cami DuBois winds up on a Manassas battlefield, she stumbles across Confederate re-enactors too deep in character. One of those men drives her to the point of distraction, while drawing her lusts to the surface. Cami tries to ignore the sensation she knows this man—until he vanishes before her.

Left in limbo, Christophe Sinclair is bound by his vow. Promising to return to his love after the end of the Civil War, he’s overjoyed to have his Camille back—and to truly have her in his arms again is his singular focus. 

Christophe’s tie to Cami is strong, one that might defy the rules of space and time.

If the Voodoo Gods allow it.

Guest Post: 

We asked Alexandra: Do you have your stories planned out before you start writing, or does it just come to you as you write?

Ah, the age old author question—plotter or pantser?  I firmly stand with one foot in each school of thought.  Typically, I write a very loose outline.  It’s not in-depth, more a “make sure this happens in this chapter” with an overall path of how I see the beginning, middle, and end.  I do research in the beginning to spur on the juices, and luckily for me, research for His Vow included my first trip to New Orleans and the French Quarter (with my second trip coming soon!)

Yet, in the midst of writing, sometimes the muse takes me in a completely different direction than where I thought I was headed.  I always let a manuscript go where the characters and the action take it, and usually it’s made my stories more interesting.  Of course, there are times I’ve gone on that wild tangent and realized it just wasn’t right and cut it all, which can be heartbreaking.  It’s the risk you take when you let your muse loose, but a gamble I’ll take each and every time.

Alex is a multi-published, bestselling erotic romance author.  Published since 2009, Alex writes all over the genre map, be it Ménage, Paranormal, Historical, Contemporary, or Sci-Fi Erotic Romances.

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