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ARC Review: The Cellist by Elaine White

ARC Review: The Cellist by Elaine White
Book Information:
Author: Elaine White
Book Title: The Cellist
Publisher: Hot Ink Press
Release Date: April 10, 2015

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After six years, cellist Roman returns home with boyfriend Ben, in search of more than just international fame. There's one complication he didn't count on. His high school crush, the straight, untouchable, Jaxton is there when he arrives.
One performance at local club Crimson 8, stirs emotions that were better left forgotten.
With prior warning that the club is a gay man's fantasy come true, where anything and everything can happen, Jaxton is dragged along with a group of his friends, to see Roman play.
What happens next, will change the course of all their lives forever.

Tracy's Review:

5 Musical Stars

*copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I had the pleasure of beta reading this book. I just hope you love these characters as much as I did!

After mysteriously disappearing 6 years ago, Jaxton comes face to face with the geek he used to bully in high school, Roman. He never knew what happened to Roman, and has always wondered if his unkind words were the reason for his disappearance.

Roman has just returned home with his boyfriend Ben from a concert tour throughout Europe. He is shocked to not only see Jaxton again, but to realize even though he loves Ben, he still has feelings for Jaxton.

What happens when Jaxton shows interest in him? How will he choose between these two men?

This was a really good book, and to be honest I didn't need to ask Elaine for a bunch of changes. It was a well written story that flowed well and was intriguing. The conclusion took me to a place I wasn't expecting. The main characters had a really good chemistry. The secondary characters played a huge role, and I am happy to say they will be getting an anthology to tie up all their loose ends!

About The Author:
Elaine is a full-time writer. She currently has one novel and one short story published, with two novels and one short story coming soon.

Her first published novel book, Runaway Girl from Write More Publications is available to buy online and book 2, Reckless Abandon will be coming soon. Runaway Girl is the first in a six book series called The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles. She has also contributed a short story ‘A Heart That Cannot Beat’ to the Valentine’s Anthology, Novel Hearts, which ties in with the novel Runaway Girl. Her next short story, 'The Belesone Pack' will feature in Write More's anthology, Love Bites. It is the prequel to an upcoming shifter trilogy of the same name.

Her first MM romance, signed to Hot Ink Press, will be released in 2014.

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