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Re-loaded Blog Tour: Superpowered Love Series by Katey Hawthorne (Guest Post+Series Review+Giveaway)

Equilibrium Mixtape!

Hi Bayou Book Junkies, and thanks for having me! Though I'm celebrating the re-release of book 3 from my Superpowered Love series, Nobody's Hero, it's also about the whole series. For now, only three have been re-released, but with one a month scheduled for the next few, it's gonna go fast!

Why not start at the beginning? Equilibrium—and its soundtrack! This is a short, hot little friends-to-lovers romance between a nerdy vegan with fire-powers and a former jock whose electrical powers are out of control. And since all of these books need a soundtrack (obviously!), I'm here with Equilibrium's! It's recently updated, and a good list for a party.

So without further ado, here's the playlist, complete with highlights! And don't forget to enter the giveaway below!

“Only if You Run” by Julian Plenti (Julian Plenti is… Skyscraper!)

“I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You” by Black Kids (Partie Traumatic)

“Phenomena" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Show Your Bones)

*1“Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend” by Arctic Monkeys (Brianstorm EP)

“And if I Fall” by The Charlatans (Wonderland)

*2“Ready to Start” by Arcade Fire (The Suburbs)

“Twenty-two" by Sunflower Bean (Twenty-two and Blue)

*3“Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning)” by Kaiser Chiefs (Yours Truly, Angry Mob)

“Electricity” by Arctic Monkeys (R U Mine? EP)

*4 “Get Out While You Can” by Starsailor (On the Outside)

“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash)

“Greek Tragedy” by The Wombats (Glitterbug)

“Teardrop” by Massive Attack (Mezzanine)

*5 “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon (Only by the Night)

"Wonderland" by CHVRCHES (Love is Dead)

*6 *“It Means Nothing” by Stereophonics (Pull the Pin)

*1 "Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend" has always been a favorite Arctic Monkeys track of mine—which is saying a lot. This soundtrack is partial to their b-sides, as it turns out. But I think the title says a lot. As do the lyrics "I don't ever want to hate you/so don't show me your bed". Appropriate for the kinds of worries in a friends-to-lovers story.

*2 "Ready to Start" is another one that speaks to these boys and their internal troubles. Just, the whole song, but what initially caught my attention was the refrain:

If I was scared
I would
And if I was bored
You know I would
And if I was yours
But I'm not

Also, Hansen is hipster enough to consider Arcade Fire HIS BAND, let's be real. (A decision I am apparently hipster enough to applaud.)

*3 "Love's Not a Competition, but I'm Winning" is just the kind of snarky crap Hansen would say. The song is an oldie but a goodie, with that typical Kaiser Chiefs humor that fits the book to a T. Also, these boys are pretty competitive. In their ways. We all know the type.

*4 "Get Out While You Can" is… uh, topical, for the US right now. But it also describes a lot of the external conflict for Sam and Hansen, who are afraid of being found out. There are haters in the Superpowered Love world, and they're dangerous. Witch Hunters.

*5"Sex on Fire" sounds like something Sam would literally say to describe Hansen. Possibly because Sam isn't great with words, but also because Hansen… literally uses fire in bed sometimes. Superpowers are awesome like that. So not only is Hansen Sam's first boyfriend, but he also manages to introduce him to a few other new things.

*6 "It Means Nothing" suits the ending of the book. I won't go into detail, but… yes. Also it's a great song that I never hear on the radio and often wonder why.

Superpowered Love: Re-loaded! Blog Tour

The Superpowered Love series ( explores the mixed-up love lives of the “awakened”, humans with awakened thermal or electrical superpowers.

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Superpowered Love 3: Nobody's Hero

Jamie Monday lives in two different worlds. With his family, he's the golden child of awakened superpowered society. He's meant to do great things and pass on his powers—with the appropriate girl, hand-picked by his mother. He's already failed at the first, so he can't bring himself to tell her the wife and children aren't happening either.

With his friends, he's the social director and life of the party. He's also an out gay man with an appetite for quick and easy lays. It's tough to have a relationship when you're hiding off-the-charts electrical powers, but Jamie doesn't mind.

Not until the prickly, paddy rocking, geeky-hot new guy at work shows him what he's been missing. Kellan's singular combination of dirty mouth and pure soul makes Jamie spark right from the beginning. But if he's going to overcome Kelly's defensive front and reach the gentle heart inside, Jamie will first have to come to terms with his own divided lives.

~ Equilibrium ~

4 Stars

This book was pretty enjoyable. I’ve never read or even heard of this author before, but I was completely intrigued by the blurb when I read it. I’m glad I picked this one up.

Two cute boys, one gay and one “straight”, who have been best friends for years. And, both Hansen and Same have Superpowers. My only complaint with this one would be that I wish we had more information and description regarding their powers. How they got them and how they work and how it all happened. But, that lack of info didn’t take away from the cuteness factor for these two guys. They were adorable and I loved how strong their relationship was even when it moved from friends into more.

I couldn’t believe that Hansen was hiding his feelings for so long. I mean I totally understand why he did it: he was scared. But I wish he would have let Sam know just a little bit more about how he felt deep down. I think it might have saved him a little bit of worry and unnecessary heartache.

Now, the plot twist towards the end... I think it was worked into the story pretty well, it was all kind of crazy but as crazy as it was, the reasoning behind it was pretty believable to me and made the story more interesting with that added drama. In the end, I really did like this book and was pleasantly surprised by how much I did. I’m totally planning to read the next few books in this series as they come out as well.

~ Riot Boy ~

4.5 Stars

I actually liked this book more than the first one. So now, it’s my second time reading this author and I’m hooked. I’m looking forward to more of this series and getting to know all of the characters. I was also super excited to find some shorter stories, featuring the main characters from the first two books, on this author’s website as well.

I really digged this book. There was no angst but there was a decent amount of drama and emotional energy thrumming through these two main characters, Brady and Etienne. And the chemistry between them was smoking hot; they were really sexy together and I loved reading their story.

Etienne had a really attractive personality. He was sweet and cute but also just the perfect amount of toppy for Brady’s love of being dominated. Brady had a great punk rocker/ smokey-eyed and sultry vibe going for him, which made him that much more attractive.

The issues that came up with Brady and all the times he pulled a vanishing act totally made sense after they were explained, even though the reasoning behind it all sucked. I can totally understand why he held back a bit when it came to Etienne. My only wish for this one was that Brady could have saved Mal from himself. But maybe we will get to see Mal in his own book; that would be nice.

Altogether, though, this book was pretty great. I love the premise of these tales and how the characters have superpowers and the slight paranormal aspect is really interesting to read.

~ Nobody's Hero ~

4.5 Stars

At this point with book three in the SuperPowered Love series, I am completely enthralled with how these books are turning out. Each book just seems to get better.

For me, I feel like book one was more focused on the super powers aspect and how the main characters dealt with and learned how to control their powers and the romance wasn’t forefront in that storyline. In the second book, the romance, chemistry and attraction between the two characters were more of a focus while the superpowers were more of a drama and action point in the plot.

This book, however... It had the perfect balance of these characters Jamie and Kellen falling from lust into love as well as Jamie trying to figure out how to work his powers into the equation of a relationship. These two guys intrigued me. Totally different from each other, but totally perfect for each other. Kellen is kinda nerdy, adorable from a huge religious family but still totally out and proud. And Jamie, an only child of a single parent who’s afraid at even close to 30yrs old to tell his mom who he really is and that he likes men. And honestly, with how that all turns out I don’t really blame him for his hesitation. But, even though we really see all Jamie’s faults front and center in this book, he does come through and make it all right with Kellen, and that showed me what a great guy Jamie really was deep inside. He’s not as shallow and superficial as he comes across in the beginning.

The part that irritated me the most didn’t really have to deal with Jamie and Kellen directly. It had to do with Jamie’s mom and her “friends” I just can’t fathom their way of thinking and how they tried to run their kids lives to the point that they did. And the twist at the end with Mae, I mean really?!? What the heck was that even about, who makes that kind of thing up, especially just trying to please their parents. Come on, just be real already *rolls eyes* But, it made for an interesting read for sure and I still ended up loving the book.

I was really hoping that these guys could figure out how to be fully honest with each other while still making their relationship work out. I was rooting for them from page one, they were absolutely perfect together. I loved this story and I really want the next one, I fully plan to see this series through to the end. I’m really thrilled that I picked these up to read.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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Katey Hawthorne is an avid reader and writer of superpowered and paranormal romance, even though the only degree she holds is in the history of art. (Or, possibly, because the only degree she holds is in the history of art.) Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in Ohio with her family, two cats, and one very large puppy. She lives at


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