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Book Blast: M/M ~ Love in Uniform Anthology ~ (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Book Blast: M/M ~ Love in Uniform Anthology ~ (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Author Name: Editor: Paige Prince. 
Authors: Angora Shade, Kay C. Sulli, 
DC Juris, Jean Wolfe, Shannen Malone, 
Kassandra Lea, Dale Cameron Lowry, 
Louise Blaydon, and Aiden McKenna
Book Name: Love in Uniform
Release Date: November 11, 2015
Publisher: Torquere Press
Cover Artist: Kris Norris

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There’s just something about a man in uniform…whether it’s the delivery man bringing a special package to your door, the airline attendant taking care of your every need, or the cop with a set of handcuffs on his belt and a gleam in his eye, Love in Uniform provides fodder for every fantasy.
The Encounter - Hoping to escape the hot dance floor at a crowded club, a pilot finds himself wandering a dark secluded hallway. He’s pleased to see a table, but he’s startled when a shadow moves. Suddenly face to face with his ideal man candy, the pilot discovers the beauty of strangers and the thrill of sex in public places.
Wishing on the Perseid - Zach Johnson went looking for an adventure in the Rocky Mountains before settling into grad school. Little did he know Park Ranger Ryan Jenkins was exactly what he was looking for.
Special Delivery - An unexpected phone call turns Camden's boring day off into a potential disaster when he ends up taking his cousin's delivery shift with Axel, the tattooed hunk he dreams about. But Axel's got a plan...and a special delivery that'll leave Camden wanting more.
Westward Avenue Matchmaker - EMT Peter is getting tired of being called to Westward Avenue again and again for Mrs McKinney’s kitchen fires, but the chance to flirt with an attractive fireman makes it all worthwhile.
On the Wing - Traveling the world for work doesn’t leave a lot of time to find love on the ground. But maybe on the wing.
Let it Hurt - All Leo Shelton wanted to do was patch things up with his boyfriend Caleb Hart. When an accident threatens to take it all away the two realize just how much they need one another.
Loggerhead - Soon after they fall in love, Jake makes Eric a promise inspired by an old track uniform. But demanding work schedules at Jake’s four-star restaurant and Eric’s newspaper keep them from following through. Six years later, they take the honeymoon they never had, heading to the Florida coast in search of sea turtles—and rekindling their passion for each other in the process.
The Night Shift - Jonas Kelshiker works the night shift in the Evidence Room at the police depot, where the crimes have become monotonous and the policemen unremarkable – until the night Dan Harris shows up at his window.
Roadside Assistance - When Robert sees flashing lights in his rear view mirror, he doesn't know just how wild a turn his night is going to take. With the threat of his first speeding ticket imminent, he tries to use his clever mouth to get him out of trouble. But this cop won't let him get off that easy.

Pages or Words: 46,366 words

Categories:  Contemporary, Erotica, M/M Romance, Romance


“I like this hallway,” he says, turning back to me and placing two hands directly upon me. His fingers flex over my pecs and the tips of his short nails dig playfully into my shirt. He pushes his body square against me, the movements of his breathing mimicking my own surprised and excited rhythm. Bringing his face closer to my ear, he speaks in a teasing whisper. “I prefer my company in the dark.”
I’m a little shocked at his bold and aggressive personality, but I like it. I hate how so many men I’ve been with have played the come-chase-me game, or the, I’m-only-going-to-pretend-I’m-into-you thing. This guy is different; clear intentions. No games. No jokes.
No problem.
I’m about to introduce myself when he pushes me backward against the wall. I hit the brick with a genuine oof of both astonishment and force, and find my hands have shot out around his hard waist. His muscular abs flex under my thumbs, and I feel drowned by his intense gaze.
His breath falls warm against my face. “I think you want what I want.”
What I want… I want this man. Every inch of my body is ready to fly at him, twitching and pushing for release like the stiff nudge of my dick against my government issue boxer briefs. Screw Jay. He’s late and I’m feeling attention starved. I’m single and I don’t want to be.
He looks me up and down, licking his lips. “God, I love a man in uniform.”
-from “The Encounter” by Angora Shade

Tracy's Review:

Overall rating 4 stars
Most of the stories were entertaining, with a couple of real gems thrown in!

*copy provided by author/publisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest review*

The Encounter by Angora Shade

3 stars

 This as a hot scene. It was pure erotica, no plot, just exactly what the title says. An encounter.

Wishing on the Perseid by Kay C. Sulli

4.5 Stars

Zach takes a trip into the mountains for some fresh air, relaxation and some hiking before he heads off to grad school. He meets Ranger Ryan and they hit it off right away.

This was an enjoyable story. Short, but it still managed to have a defined beginning, middle and end. It moved at a good pace. The characters were both likable, had a good chemistry and the story was well written. All in all this was a good read.

Special Delivery by DC Juris

3.5 Stars

Camden takes over his cousin's delivery route for the day and has to work with the star of his fantasies, Axel.

This was an enjoyable read. It was fast paced and hot. The characters seemed likable, although they weren't really developed.

Westward Avenue Matchmaker by Jean Wolfe

3.5 Stars

This was an enjoyable and funny read. Peter, an EMT gets called to multiple kitchen fires that aren't accidents. He suspects the homeowner of setting the fires so she can get the sexy firemen sent out to her house. I was really enjoying it, really getting into it. It was entertaining and funny, then it just ended. I was shocked when I saw "The End". If the author would have finished the story, (because to me this was very unfinished) this would have gotten a better rating.

On the Wing by Shannen Malone

4.5 Stars

Traveling photographer, Paolo is a frequent flyer, so he notices the sexy new flight attendant, Alex right away. He is immediately attracted to Alex, and he is pretty sure Alex is interested in him too.

This was a good story. It was entertaining and kept me turning the pages. I loved the interactions between Paolo and Alex. I liked that they gradually got to know one another. The story was written well and felt complete. It left me satisfied when it was over.

Let it Hurt by Kassandra Lea

4.5 Stars

The moral of this story? Never leave home with your last words to someone you love being something you may regret if something happens to that person.

This was an enjoyable, heartwarming story. It was well written and the author managed to capture the chemistry and love between the characters, and it showed through on the pages.

Loggerhead by Dale Cameron Lowry

5 Stars

This was the best of the bunch!! In almost every anthology I've read, I seem to find one or two authors that stand out, and I connect with. Dale Cameron Lowry was that author in this book.  I loved Jake and Eric's story. After six years together they take a long overdue honeymoon to Florida for some relaxation, steamy sex and turtle watching.

I adored both of these characters. They were both lovable and well developed. The chemistry was amazing and you could feel the love between Jake and Eric coming off the pages at you. This story was sweet, funny, and sexy. I adored the banter between the couple and the author left me feeling satisfied, yet wanting more of Jake and Eric in the end.

This is my first read by this author, but I'll definitely be looking into his works, and I'm looking forward to more in the future!

The Night Shift by Louise Blaydon

5 Stars

Jonas is a property clerk. He meets Dan a vice officer when he comes to drop off some evidence. Over the months they talk, flirt and smile at each other. Finally Dan makes the first move.

This story was good. I liked Jonas, but found I didn't really know Dan much, but I liked what I saw. I wish he had been more a part of that story. This is told as a memory of sorts from Jonas' POV, of how they met and became a couple. The story was well written and paced well. It kept me entertained and turning the pages. The characters had a good chemistry, and the sex was HOT!

All in all a really good and enjoyable story. I'll be checking this author out!

Roadside Assistance by Aiden McKenna

3.25 Stars

This was a hot little story. There's not much more to say, except the end was cute, and had a twist I didn't see coming.

Meet the author:
Angora Shade: Angora Shade is an American author living in what she lovingly refers to as "Sheep Shit Nowhere" Europe. In an attempt to add some spice to her small town life, Ms. Shade began writing explicit erotica as a form of self-entertainment. Exploring the boundaries of acceptable sexual literature, she often seeks to create stories that not only entertain others, but also expose and push against the negative stigma surrounding sex in modern day society. She believes that sex in literature, art, personal thought, and physical nature, should be celebrated and expressed openly and as easily as any God-given freedom. Her favorite themes in writing include revenge, self-discovery, alternative materials for love play/BDSM, as well as anything that produces a good tingle, sizzle, or laugh. When not writing, Ms. Shade enjoys red wine, travel, dancing, classic cartoons, baking, and creating fine art.
Kay C. Sulli: Kay C. Sulli is a queer asexual writer often found scribbling in the wilderness. She writes from the heart with a passion for history, nature, and the American West.
DC Juris: Romance author, sci-fi fan club Captain, cosplayer, reigning Queen of Monkeyland, and random menace. Yep, we're talking about DC Juris. She’s a cupcake making, football watching, rubber duck collecting, drag show loving, full of fabulous with a Capital F kinda gal. She's also an Ordained Minister and an amateur photographer. She lives in Upstate NY with her husband, three dogs, and two cats. When she's not writing, you can find her in her favorite chair watching "Star Trek" and "Supernatural" repeats on Netflix, or surfing the web for porn. Er...research. Surfing the web for research. She may speak softly but she lives and loves loudly. Just ask the neighbors.
Jean Wolfe: Jean Wolfe would really rather go hide under a rock somewhere than have to fill out author bios.
Dale Cameron Lowry: Dale Cameron Lowry is a writer and editor living in the Midwest with a partner and three irritable cats. This is Dale’s second story for Torquere Press.
Shannen Malone: Shannen Malone is an Irish student studying English, in the second year of her degree. When not scaling the monolith of her required reading list, Shannen can be found in her blanket nest, writing all things queer.
Kassandra Lea: Kassandra Lea has been writing for far longer than she cares to admit. She lies in southern Wisconsin with her mother, a gang of furry little monsters, and a ghost lovingly dubbed Bob.
Louise Blaydon: Louise is an academic, editor and writer. She primarily writes m/m and f/f fiction, and has published a number of novels and novellas and many short stories. She lives in England and has too many cats.
Aiden McKenna: Aiden McKenna is a writer and editor living in the dirty south. When not bent over the writing desk, she enjoys time spent with family on her farm and relaxing on the porch with a strong drink and a good novel.

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