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Book Review: M/M ~ Crest Ridge by A.L. Boyd

Book Review: M/M ~ Crest Ridge by A.L. Boyd

Book: Crest Ridge
Author: A.L. Boyd
Length: 126 pages

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It was supposed to be their big night! The opening of their movie premier. Robert Owens boyfriend abandoned him, and brought another date. Humiliated, Rob left Los Angeles, and moved to a quiet ranch in rural New Mexico only to face his high school bully Dane Johnson.

Rob never expected his high school tormentor to show up at his new home, but there the man was ordering him to evacuate from an oncoming wildfire. After Rob returned to his ranch, Dane offered an apology, and an explanation of his past actions. Rob has to decide if the bully he once knew has changed his ways. Will they overcome their past and find a new start?

Tracy's Review:

3.5 Stars

*copy provided by author/publisher via M/M Romance goodreads group and Don't Buy Me Love in exchange for an honest review*

I'm struggling with how many stars to give this book. There were good points to the story and bad. First the good. 

The mystery and suspense portion of the book was very well written. The author kept me sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who Rob's stalker was. This portion of the book flowed well and kept me guessing to the very end. It was highly enjoyable. 

The characters. They were both well developed as individuals, but as a couple is where the story lacked. This is where it fell apart for me. The progression of the relationship felt too slow and unemotional. I just didn't feel a connection most of the time. I caught glimpses of a connection, but the scenes weren't followed through. To me the relationship just wasn't believable. I wanted chemistry, and I didn't get it. 

If you're looking for a good mystery and suspense, and the romance portion of the book doesn't concern you, pick this book up. If the romance portion matters, you might me disappointed.

I'm giving the mystery and suspense portion 5 stars and the romance 2 stars, for an average rating of 3.5 Stars

About The Author:
A cartographer by day, A.L.Boyd spends most of her free time with her horses, gardening, or reading.


I never intended to be a full time writer, but stories sometimes just pop into my head. The writing came about as a way to get the stories out. Nothing is ever the same. The poem was from first hand experiences on a wildland fire. My horse's story is a memoir of 23 years of my life with my favorite horse. Any other stories are just stories that come to me in my sleep and make me want to write them down.

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