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ARC Review: ~ MM ~ Renewing Bonds by Ruby MacIntyre


Two hearts long separated find each other again.

Connor Locke has only given his heart away once, to a man who left him alone with only a note as an explanation. He has tried to move on, but no one compared to the one who left him brokenhearted and alone.

Harry grew up as a black sheep in his family, and when he met Connor he thought he finally found a place to call home. The strong, yet loving lawyer gave him things he never thought he’d find. But then he had to leave, and that decision ended up ruining his life.

After years apart, the couple is finally reunited, but not in a way either of them expects. A crime lord wants Harry badly, and he will do anything to get him. Will Connor be able to keep Harry safe and salvage their love, or will he lose Harry forever?

Mari's Review: 

*** ARC provided by the Author in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

I really enjoyed reading this book, it had a lot of elements I love in a story, a great set of characters, good writing, an intriguing storyline and some twists that left me reeling. 

This is book 2 in a series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I suspect it would be best if read in order. In any case, even if I hadn't read book 1, I didn't feel lost at all while reading, since the author provided us with enough background information to make us get the idea of what had happened before with some of the characters. 

Connor is called to the precinct to help a person they are holding there, accusing him of murder. When he gets there he realized the man he has to help is none other than Harry, the love of his life that he lost over four years ago. The love he feels for Harry has never disappeared, so he vows to help the other man in any way he can, while they try to salvage whatever they can of their past relationship renewing the bond they had. 

The first half of the book is mostly Connor and Harry reconnecting and Connor helping Harry try to reclaim his life back after being kidnapped by a drug lord called Pinstripe, who made Harry whore himself since he left Connor. We're introduced to Tatum and Chris and Jesse and Mark, who are Connor's best friends and who are instrumental in the story, especially Tatum and Chris. 

While the first part of the book got dragged up a bit, the second part of the story is mindboggling as Harry's trial starts and Connor and Tate rush while trying to help acquit him from a crime he didn't commit and then when Ruby MacIntyre throws a few more twists that I didn't see coming. There are a few things that were left unresolved in the end, so I'm imagining there will be more books in this series and that we'll get an answer to those eventually, or at least I hope so. 

I enjoyed reading the story told in multiple POVs, even if the main ones were, of course, Connor and Harry. In this case in particular, they gave more depth to the story. 

I loved how Connor was with Harry, he was so sweet with him, so patient, but I also loved seeing his ruthless lawyer side. I liked Harry, but not as much as Connor. Still, the author did a fantastic job with all he went through and how it affected him. The chemistry between him and Harry was amazing, too, and the love scenes were oh so very hot! All in all, definitely recommendable! I, for one, will be looking forward to more! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

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About Ruby

Ruby MacIntyre was born and raised in Kansas and has always been an avid reader. It’s beyond a mere hobby or escape from reality; it’s her passion. Because of her love for reading, writing her own stories—giving voices and happy endings to the people that live in her head—was only natural. She may be relatively new to the gay romance genre, but once Ruby found it, she never looked back. Now it’s all she reads (the hotter the better!), and she is quite content with the sexy men that dwell in her head, clamoring for her attention. When Ruby’s not reading, she’s writing, and vice-versa. Books have always been her life and likely always will be.

In the rare occasions Ruby isn’t working, reading, or writing, she loves to play or cuddle with her dog and cat, watch a movie, or hang with family. She loves books (duh), pretty notebooks, snowflakes, and the color yellow.

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