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Blog Tour: Bred for Love Series by Revella Hawthorne (ARC Reviews, Excerpts + Giveaway)

Bred For Love #1: The Prince’s Consort 
by Revella Hawthorne
Release date: April 21st 2015


In a world where humans are genetically designed, altered and sold for sexual pleasure and breeding, a young prince of the powerful Cassian Dynasty decides to take a mate and sire heirs. Not wishing to saddle himself with royal and meddlesome in-laws, and a wife he would have no desire to bed, Prince Edward goes to Heritage Breeders, and finds far more than just a warm body to sate his lust and carry on his lineage. 

Percy is the result of a master DNA architect designing himself his own personal sex slave and breeder. Yet when his creator and Master dies, leaving Percy alone at the mercy of the callous stable masters and the new owner of Heritage, he fears his future. Afraid he'll be bought by a wretched old man or a deviant monster, Percy is terrified when he is dragged from his cell and presented to the most prestigious client Heritage has ever welcomed...a Cassian Royal.

Prince Edward is immediately infatuated with the shy, nervous and enchantingly beautiful Percy, and claims him for his own. Yet not everyone is pleased by a royal purchasing a breeder, especially one like Percy, and tensions rise both in Heritage and in the palace.

Torn between desire, duty, a king's command and the innermost desires of their hearts, Edward and Percy are set on path that is anything but easy. Can Percy trust Edward with his heart as he does his body? Can Edward keep an angry king and unseen enemies away from the young slave who is steadily stealing his heart?

And what happens when Nature takes its course, and sex leads to more than just pleasure?

A 50k+ word novella, 160 pages, book one in a series. 18+ adult readers, contains sexual situations of male/male sex. Lots of sex. Collaring, master/slave.

*Updated and Revised*


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“I would prefer a male, smaller than me, handsome, with a degree of intelligence and personality. I’m not interested in having sex with someone who’s no more than an attractive machine that bends over on command, so please take intelligence into account. Although, I do prefer some obedience, as I will be breeding my prospective mate often, so having to seduce or force holds little appeal. I have no need for my mate to have fertile sperm, as I will not be the one carrying the offspring, of course. And I don’t feel like explaining to my staff why my breeder is mounting the maids when I’m not around.”

Edward listed off his requirements, watching as Mr. Wimble slowly stopped typing, and began to stare at him in some consternation. Edward wasn’t going to apologize for that last statement, either. He’d seen the results of an unruly and fully fertile male breeder decimate the staff at one of the estates neighboring his out in the country, knocking up several of the maids and female upper staff that had contact with him. His neighbors eventually had him removed after it was discovered what was going on, and Edward never found out exactly what was done to the breeder, but he could guess he wasn’t at some farm working the fields. Castration and slavery, or death. That type of breeder was one of the very rare, non-child-bearing male breeders, called ‘sires’, who were hyped up with testosterone and temperamental, usually used by the breeding houses to continue the in-house stock lines. Edward wondered at the time how the breeder ended up out in the country at a noble’s family estate, but the current Court was full of fools, so he really shouldn’t be surprised.

He had strict needs he wanted met. Any potential mate would be the parent of his future children, so slacking on the finer details wasn’t an option. Not for a royal, and not for him.

“I have several candidates that may fit your needs, Your Highness. Are you interested in viewing today? I can have them pulled from the stables within the next hour for your inspection if you care to wait. Shall I summon a maid for luncheon?”

Mari's Review: 

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

Edward is the third son of the Cassian King in a world where genetically designed breeders are bought by humans to reproduce. He's far in the succession line, so he's decided to buy a male breeder so he can have some children, without having to saddle himself with a wife. He's tired of the palace politics and he prefers to just worry about his estate's issues. He visits Heritage Breeders and finds just what he's been looking for, a male breeder, smaller than him, seemingly intelligent and handsome. 

Percy is a breeder, specially designed for the head of Heritage Breeders, who died before he could lay claim on Percy. But his status means that he's also educated, well read and not like the other breeders. The last thing he expected, or wanted, was to become the property of anyone else, even if it was a prince. 

I found Percy to be a bit whiney, although I guess he did have a right to be with all the things changing in his world so suddenly. Still, Edward was so nice and patient and kind with him, that it would've been impossible for him not to fall for his master. 

I enjoyed this story. It was a good starting point for the series, even if at times the sex scenes, while very hot, turned a bit repetitive. It's fast-paced and I loved the writing. I really felt transported to this Alternate Universe Revella Hawthorne depicted in her story. I was glad I had the second book waiting for me, because this book left me with several questions that I hope will be resolved in the next one. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Bred For Love #2: The King’s Command 
by Revella Hawthorne

Release date: August 15th 2015


Percy is pregnant. He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy. Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove, Prince Edward's country estate. There they stay in pre-baby bliss, until the christening of the Cassian Dynasty's newest princeling approaches. Prince Edward decides to risk King Henry's wrath, and brings Percy back to the capital to attend his nephew's christening, putting his and Percy's unconventional relationship front and center in the media and the court. Greed and betrayal combine to place Percy and their unborn child in danger, and the capital, once a place of power and strength for Prince Edward, becomes a prison. Percy is confronted by the reality of his social status and what exactly it means to be the collared consort of a Cassian blood prince--and how dangerous that place of honor can be.

Caught between the orders of King Henry and the dangers to be found in Court and city, Percy and Edward strive to protect themselves, their love, and their unborn child.


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He pulled the sheet up to Percy’s chin, and smoothed it down over his chest and stomach. He rested his hand on Percy’s abdomen, amazed as he always was when he thought about it, that his child grew inside his mate. A child, his and Percy’s.

Percy was a breeder, and Edward mourned for a brief second that his mate’s ice-blue eyes or sweet smile would never be gifted to a child of theirs, his consort’s DNA only minimally transferrable to any offspring he may have. The vision of a little girl, with Edward’s dark hair and Percy’s bright eyes flashed for a moment in his mind, but he pushed it away. Percy would gift their child only enough DNA to be viable and grow, and his smile or entrancing eyes would never be handed down to a new generation.

Yet it was enough that there would be children; Percy had a tender heart, and a need to love.
Edward wanted sons and daughters, the more, the merrier, and he knew Percy would want and love each child with everything in his small frame. This first child of theirs would not be the last. Hartgrove Court was a huge estate, a working farm and manor, and large enough to support a big family and plenty of staff. It had been gifted to Edward through his late mother’s dowry upon her death, property given to all her children not in the direct line of succession. Edward was thankful his mother knew him well, since the manor and farm went to him and not his more urban-centered siblings. Edward felt a pang of grief, faint now after all these years that his mother, the late Queen of Cassia, would never know her future grandchildren. 

Edward made himself leave Percy’s side, the doctor’s words to him about how Percy’s pregnancy may come with complications worrying him. Since Percy was a first-generation design, crafted by the late Master Cartwright of Heritage Breeders, there was no blueprint of sorts in place for how Percy would handle pregnancy. Cartwright had made Percy for himself, though Edward was selfishly glad that Cartwright died before Percy was mature enough for breeding. Percy was his now, forever, and the only touch he would know would be Edward’s.

Mari's Review: 

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review.*

This book deals with the aftermath of Percy becoming pregnant by Edward and being collared as his consort in defiance to King Henry. The bond between Edward and Percy strenghtens and their love grows as time goes by, but this time they have more going on against them. They have to fight against King Henry, who wants to return Percy to Heritage Breeders. Edward, along with his brother Mason and his chief of guards, Reynard, have to work together to save Percy and their unborn baby from returning to that hellish place for a fate worse than death.

Edward has been my favorite character from the start, but his brother Mason gave him a run for his money on this book. I'm really intrigued over Mason and Reynard's relationship in the past and hope we get to discover more of it in book 3. I really liked Reynard, too. Silent, strong and loyal, and very intent on helping Percy. He's just awesome throughout the book. I also liked Percy a whole lot more in this second book of the series, he's coming out of his shell and finally realizing his place right there with his prince.

Very enjoyable segue, with very hot scenes, fantastic characters, and a storyline that kept me interested from start to end. I'm really intrigued over how it all is going to play out in the third book, A Royal Rebellion, which I hope we get soon. I need to know what will happen!

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

Revella Hawthorne Bio and Links:

Revella Hawthorne is an erotica author and fanfiction addict who enjoys putting the naughty visions in her head down on paper, and then giggling feverishly while watching people read them for the first time. (The initial reaction NEVER gets old!) Thank goodness for her betas, otherwise she'd have no barometer for just how delicious her stories actually are.





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