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Release Blitz ~ The Deepest Blue by Christina Lee ~ (5 Star Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Release Blitz ~ The Deepest Blue by Christina Lee ~ (5 Star Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Author: Christina Lee
Title:  The Deepest Blue
Series Title and Number: Roadmap to Your Heart #2 (can be read as a standalone)
Publisher:  Self Published
Release Date:  12-4-15
Genre:  LGBTQ Romance
Tags:  Contemporary, M/M Romance
Heat Level (1 being no sexual content, 5 being erotica): 4
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 250 pages
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Book Blurb

Lee exchanges skyline for swampland in the next book of her male/male romance series, Roadmap to Your Heart.
Rugged and conventional Callum Montgomery enjoys running Shady Pines hunting preserve, except for the secret that’s eating him alive. When his sister brings a date for a family wedding, he can’t stand the arrogant city slicker with the stick up his perfectly fine ass. He doesn’t understand his draw to Dean, who pushes his buttons at every turn, but he’d never dream of betraying his sibling over some lust fueled fantasy.

Handsome and conscientious Dean Abbott is a research assistant in his university’s biology lab. When his roommate, Cassie, begs him to be her pretend date in front of her meddling family, he begrudgingly agrees to help. He doesn’t anticipate being enchanted by the countryside, the colorful cast of characters, or her sexy and brooding straight brother.

When contempt turns to passion and leads to stolen moments in a sugar cane field, Callum can’t help longing for the kind of connection he believes he can never have. But not even the world’s most heart-melting kiss can bridge the vast philosophical differences between the men.

Dean’s return to his urban lifestyle leaves him restless, his mind continually wandering to the charming setting that spoke to something missing deep inside him. Because you can take the city boy out of the country but you can’t make him forget the intriguing man he left behind.
“Isn’t there some law about killing snakes in this state?” I heard our company say. Even out of the corner of my eye I could see that the guy was one of them pretty city boys. He was walking beside my sister, Cassie, who was busy filling him in on rattler containment on personal property. He must’ve been the guest she’d mentioned bringing.
Did he need to be that handsome? Too bad he had to go and open his mouth.
“We can always walk away,” I said. I didn’t dare take my eye off the rattlesnake for a second time. “But that leaves you out here with no protection.”
I heard him gulp at the same time Grammy snickered. “Sounds like our Cassie might’ve brought home some tree hugger.”
Grammy gripped the heavy rock in her fingers, ready to bash the rattler’s skull at a moment’s notice.
“They say when a rattler strikes, your blood turns to fire. Like the venom is boiling away in your veins,” I said and I could hear whatshisname’s breathing change. “You’ve got about a ninety-minute window of time before the poison spreads.”
“And then what happens?” he asked, and I could just imagine his pulse throbbing in his neck. I heard his one foot scrape across the other as if rubbing some imaginary dirt from his spotless shoes. Either that or it was some nervous tick.
I shrugged. “Then you’re dead.”
“Callum. Knock it off,” Cassie said and I could hear the tightness in her voice. It pained me that we hadn’t been in touch for a long while and I certainly didn’t want to piss her off even further.
The snake retreated toward its hiding spot and disappeared without a second glance at the mouse. Damn.
Now I looked our new guest square in the face while my irritation bubbled over. Grammy had banked on making a fresh batch today. Lately I left the hunting to my brother, Braden, but he had a full plate, so I agreed to be a stand-in. “You Cassie’s date for the wedding?”
“That’s right. I, uh, attend the same college,” he said and I couldn’t help my gaze from snagging on the deepest set of blue eyes. Not quite as dark as that tangle of hair that swept in a high arc away from his forehead. Wearing a pair of fancy designer jeans that showed off his trim form, he was smaller than me, but most guys were. And now I felt shitty for checking out my sister’s guest. “The name’s Dean Abbott.”

5 Stars

*copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*

When Dean's roommate, Cassie heads back to her home on a Florida preserve for a family wedding, she asks Dean to be her "date" for the week, so she can avoid the neighbor's son being pushed on her. When they get to Cassie's home, Dean is introduced to her family, including her overprotective and broody brother, Callum. They dance around one another for a while, but when they get together, the sparks fly!

I loved Callum and Dean's story. I adored both of these characters. Callum is closeted and slowly pulling away from his family. He knows he needs to help with his younger brother and with the family business, but this means he has to hide a huge part of himself from his family. Dean is out and proud, deciding at a young age he had to be true to himself and not hide the person he is. Both of these characters are different, yet they are a lot alike when it comes to the heart. They are both fiercely loyal to their loved ones.

Callum and Dean just fit together so well. The chemistry and sexual tension was palpable throughout the story. The story was well written and flowed well. It was interesting and entertaining and it kept me turning the pages. The characters were well developed and I LOVED the secondary characters of Cassie, their Grammy, and I especially loved Cassie and Callum's younger brother, Billie, and I'm hoping to see more of all of them in the future. This book had a little of it all. It had excitement, sweetness, laughter, and some smoking hot sex!

Not only is this story amazing, some of the words Christina wrote were pure poetry and absolutely beautiful! I love Christina's writing and can't wait to read more real soon!

Author Bio

Once upon a time, I lived in New York City and was a wardrobe stylist. I spent my days shopping for photo shoots, getting into cabs, eating amazing food, and drinking coffee at my favorite hangouts.

Now I live in the Midwest with my husband and son—my two favorite guys. I've been a clinical social worker and a special education teacher. But it wasn't until I wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper that I realized I could turn the fairytales inside my head into the reality of writing fiction. 

I'm addicted to lip gloss and salted caramel everything. I believes in true love and kissing, so writing romance novels has become a dream job. 

I write Adult, New Adult, and M/M romance.  I also own a hand-stamped jewelry business, which requires me to stamp letters and/or words onto pieces of silver. They go hand-in-hand perfectly.

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