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Blog Tour ~ Adoni by Rider Jacobs ~ (Review)

Blog Tour ~ Adoni by Rider Jacobs ~ (Review)

by Rider Jacobs 
Genre: M/M Fantasy

As King of the Celestial realm Adoni should have everything he wants but lacks the one thing he desires, someone to love.

Inheriting the throne while still a child Adoni always did as the council expected of him. He has watched others fall in love and start a family but was afraid he would never find a person who loved him for something other than his title. With the threat of war looming Adoni does the one thing the council forbids, he tours his realms to unite his people. When Adoni meets Navarah, a mage from the Dark Realms he enters into a love he knows will be forbidden. When Navarah is kidnapped by those who wish war, Adoni must rely on his brother and his Dark army to save the one he loves.

*** ARC provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Adoni is the King of Celestial Realms and has recently come to the realization that his brother Legion, who we met in book 1 of this series, is more loved and respected than Adoni is. Deciding to take a more hands-on approach to ruling, Adoni visits some of the realms under his power, and finds that he's neglected them by abiding to what his council said. Visiting one of the Dark Realms under his brother's dominion, he meets Navarah, who is as similar to his brother as can be, with the same rebellious spirit and he can't stop himself from falling for him. But their love is forbidden and there are forces that threaten to keep them apart, will Adoni learn to rely on his brother, despite his growing jealousy, to save the one he loves?

I really liked Legion, so it was wonderful to revisit him and Nico in this book, as well as some of the other characters we met on book 1. I adored that they were such a big part in this book, too, not just as secondary characters, but with almost equal "screen time" to Adoni and Navarah.

I have to admit I didn't particularly care for Adoni at first, he was too whiny and I think he hid beneath his council and mother until he saw that people loved Legion more than they loved him. It was nice that he took action and visited the realms so he could see the reason why they loved Legion, and while he was still whiny, at least he saw that he'd allowed others, namely the council, to decide what he should know or not, cutting him from interacting with his people. Navarah was the one that opened his eyes to this more effectively, seeing as he wasn't afraid to speak up and tell Adoni a few truths about himself. It was nice to see Adoni actually grow up and put what he'd learn in action.

Navarah was irreverent and used to do what he wanted, pretty much like Legion, but he was also honest, finally managing to get through Adoni to show him the error in the ways of how he'd dealt with being a negligent king. The attraction between the two was instant and they were hot together, not as much as Legion and Nico, though.

The book was good, very enjoyable, but as with the first book the final portion was too rushed and that evil cliffhanger at the end made me want to scream. Still, I'll be waiting on pins and needles for the third book because I definitely want to know what will happen next.

Rating: 4 Stars!

Meet the Author

Raised in a small town in the corner of Kansas, Rider's mother installed a love of books in her. Thanks to her mother she developed a love for all things paranormal at an early age. Her parents always encouraged her to use her imagination and write stories.
When she was 18 she left the small farming community without a stop light and headed for the bright lights of Las Vegas. She continued to write but life kept her from actually publishing anything. After ten years in the big city, Rider decided she wanted a much slower paced life and returned to Kansas.
It was here that she met a friend who loved her stories and encouraged her to submit them.
When not writing Rider loves to read anything she can get her hands on from the Dark taboo erotic books to the lighter Amish romance. She also has an interest in the lost art of pen paling. Putting pen to paper and sharing the good times and the bad through the written word with friends near and far. Rider also loves to travel and while she has been to the tourist attractions she much prefers the hidden gems off the beaten path that few know about. It is these adventures that often find their way into her books.

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