Thursday, December 18, 2014

From the Shadows by Line F. Nielsen - Cover Reveal

From the Shadows by Line F. Nielsen


If you grew up in a alcoholic home..
Dated guys as evil as your drunken dad..
And never heard a kind word from the people who SHOULD love you..
Could you change your path?

My name is Nikki Rosso and I am scarred, I am shy and I am no one but I am about to start a fight against my past in hopes of finding myself but if I will ever win is a question not even I dare to ask.

He had been my rock, my only friend, but would he stand by me even when I had to take a stand against his best mate?

Nathan Mathews had a past, he was talented, he was tattooed and he was every woman's dream but though every woman wanted into his pants none ever stayed around for long.
I was soon to learn why..

About Line:

Line is 28 years old and was born and raised in Denmark. She is newly married to the love of her life and now attends college. She plans on taking first a Bachelor in English Literature, and then later, a Masters in either Linguistics or Literature.

Always feeling like she was born in the wrong country Line has, since the age of 15, sought out the English language which she today speaks, writes and reads practically as well as a native English speaker. She loves the language so much that she could study nothing else but that. She also loves to meet new people from all over, with whom she can communicate in English.

Line is also the author of a Poetry and Song collection titled “My Life Is Worth Something Too”. She plans on publishing more within that genre next year, as well as the much anticipated Romance Novel “From the Shadows”.

She is a multi-creative HSP and therefore also introverted, but she makes the best of it through her writing, singing and drawing. Although she can be a bit reserved amongst strangers, Line is a very caring, honest and charismatic person, who believes that you can always rise from your struggles and become stronger. She herself is proof of that, overcoming struggles with being different as she grew up.

“I once saw living in my head as a curse but I would never have gotten to where I am now if I didn’t. So today I see it as a blessing”.

Line is addicted to music (mostly Rock and Metal), she is a book worm and she is the person that can make you laugh yourself to pieces when her kinky, naughty humor is set free. She is a free spirit who believes that you should never stop reaching for your dreams, and that you should value the things that sets you apart from the rest of the world.

Words from friends:

Durga: “You are a sweetheart, someone who is not afraid to speak her mind, a great friend”

Tracie: “A Dane that loves to speak English ☺”

Sam: “You’re a lovely and friendly person who is helping in every way you can be”

… “She might look like an angel but her mind is as dirty as a devil”

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