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Blog Tour ~ Outside Sanity by Bronwyn Heeley ~ (Excerpt + Giveaway)

Blog Tour ~ Outside Sanity  by Bronwyn Heeley ~ (Excerpt + Giveaway)
TITLE: Outside Sanity
SERIES: Encounter Space #2
AUTHOR: Bronwyn Heeley
RELEASE DATE: 26 of January 2016 by BonyDee Press
GENRE/CATEGORY/TAG: Science Fiction M/M Romance
LENGTH: 8,854

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Trading one master for another or that’s what it seems to John but can there be more to this space ship than meets the eye?

John life was nothing but masters and pain. He couldn’t remember life any other way and didn’t believe it was ever going to change. Mita however has other plans, but can he get the human to believe he’s truly free?

Note: there is no sexual intercourse in the pages of this book


The alien blinked down at him, the lust dancing in his eyes heating John, making his toes curl. He’d never felt anything like it before. He wished he could give himself to the alien. To be there, on his knees, because it was where he wanted to be and not because the bastard had bought him. Then again, this one hadn’t bought him… Mita, his mind supplied, because apparently, it had retained this alien’s name, even though it never had before.

Claws scrapped against his shoulders and along the top of his back. John moaned, his hips rocking, eyes blinking. Oh. John’s tongue moistened his lips and came away disappointed that they only tasted of him and…the soap, maybe? Something that was just foreign enough to get his teeth involved in scrapping across the plumpness.

Mita’s palms brushed against John’s neck, one cupping his jaw lightly as the other ran through his hair, seemingly fascinated by the strands as he looked his fill. Mita’s skin flushed a darker purple then it had been, his feet shifted next to John’s, their knees bumping before quickly pulling away.

A tingle started against his back as Mita leaned forward and took a deep breath, smelling John’s hair. John’s own nose was filled with the rawness of Mita and the freshness of himself. John’s skin felt tighter against his bones as his cock throbbed out a single drop of come. The hot liquid felt heavy on the tip before becoming too much and sinking to the ground. John took it all in. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been genuinely turned on by his own lust and not an enhancement.
The memory had John shying away. His cock deflating as his body chilled.

“John?” Mita seemed to come to himself, sinking back on the bed and letting him go.

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