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Blog Post: Own Me (Book 2 Rent Me Series) by Briana Brady ~ (Excerpt)

Blog Post: Own Me (Book 2 Rent Me Series) by Briana Brady ~ (Excerpt)
Book Information:
Title: Own Me (Book 2 Rent Me Series)
Author: Briana Brady
Release Date: April 18th


Dmitri and Bren are now married. Jealousy is still a big issue for both of them. They are always afraid that the other will find someone better and leave. Dmitri’s ex-boyfriend Viktor is still in love with him and hates Bren. Viktor sets out to cause problems and make Dmitri and Bren question their love and commitment to each other. Bren tries to be the best sub, but feels Dmitri doesn’t take him seriously. BDSM elements.

When jealousy roars its ugly head Bren gets upset, he acts out and says things he doesn’t mean. Dmitri gets even more possessive when Bren works with his favorite ex-client from Forbidden Desires Escort Agency. To complicate matters, Russian mobsters threaten the Dubrovsky family. Bren tries to be the best sub, by feels Dmitri doesn’t take him seriously. BDSM elements.

Own Me Excerpt:

“Brennen Patrick Brady, strip down in the garage,” Dmitri yelled from the hallway as he placed the bag back into the closet. 

“The garage?” There had been more attitude than question to his words. Calling him by his full name was never a good thing. Brennen’s stomach cramped, his palms moistened and nausea set in. He wiped his hands on his jeans. He didn’t believe the garage was an appropriate area for punishment. Not his punishment. 

“Who’s in charge of your discipline?” Dmitri’s sharp voice, so sure of himself, sent chills through Brennen. 

“You are.” 

“Never question my orders. Unless of course, you want your punishment doubled,” he yelled from the hallway, and slammed the closet door.

“Yes, Sir.” He’s really being mean. Why not the fucking bed, so I’m more comfortable? This isn’t a good sign of things to come. He better not change his mind about his nasty belt.

Brennen lingered in the immaculate kitchen, standing frozen at the sink and looked through the window at the sparkling pool. Dmitri sprinted into the kitchen behind him. He nearly knocked Brennen over. He whipped around to face Dmitri, who was staring hard at Brennen with those piercing blue eyes.

“Don’t think I’m standing here ignoring the fact that you continue to disrespect me by not following my orders immediately and without question,” Dmitri said.

“Which garage?”

“The empty one. Kneel in the middle of the garage. Hands behind your back. Head bowed. Keep quiet. Think about your behavior.” Dmitri barked his orders.

Knots twisted in Brennen’s stomach. This would be the first punishment he would receive as a married man. Dmitri didn’t punish him frequently, but when he did, he displayed absolutely no mercy. Brennen had managed to stay in Dmitri’s good graces from the time they got married until now. All because of Viktor. His precious Viktor starts all this shit by coming to our home. Dmitri could have met him somewhere else instead of here. He knows exactly what time I come home. He wanted me to see them. But why?

Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky PADDLES his naughty husband, former rent boy Brennen Brady. Out in paperback!

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Rent Me (Rent Me Series, book 1)

Russian mobster spanks his rent boy. Ouch! Rent Boy Brennen wants to belong to his lover Dmitri Dubrovsky. The Russian mobster controls every inch of his life in and out of bed. Brennen works for Dmitri's escort service. His only desire is to please his lover. When Dmitri marries Nika, his lover moves him out of their home to an apartment in Beverly Hills and tells him nothing has changed.
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